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Thanks to Appenate, we’ve been able to expand all over the world by offering comprehensive solutions to companies in all the major industries

– Founder, “Platform IGQS
(Solution Reseller)

Customer Case Study: Platform IGQS

One of our Solution Resellers built a strong and successful business using the
Appenate platform as a base – and here’s how.

Business Goal

To provide solutions to a wide variety of industries across the globe

The Solution

A platform that allows us to white label functionality into our own platform


Appenate enables us to provide real-world solutions to our global client base

How They Got Started With Appenate

They started out as a white label reseller and quickly discovered the true power and potential of Appenate. Soon they offered integration and form building services to their clients as an additional revenue stream. 

This led to them building out an entire white-label database management, reporting and custom modules platform using Appenate as a base. For the sake of confidentiality, we will refer to their platform as Platform IGQS. 

Back when they first joined Appenate – choosing us above 35 other competitor platforms – neither of us could imagine how far we’d come together. 

This is how they created their business around Appenate – and how they continue to win every day.

A Different Approach To Customer Success

A major cause that led to Platform IGQS’s success is their development roadmap. Or rather, their lack thereof. 

Instead of basing their platform’s development planning on research and projected customer needs, they based it on their clients’ actual real-world needs and scenarios. As clients requested solutions, they took them up and developed them. 

This provided an alternative to busy Appenate clients. They didn’t have to build anything themselves – using Platform IGQS, our Solution Reseller was able to give them the solutions they needed without great time or monetary investment.

While not a completely new approach, it formed the backbone of their success. This approach, paired with a powerful platform like Appenate, helped them to grow a successful business with loyal, happy clients all over the world. 

Tablet screenshot of Appenate Platform
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Four Technical Marvels With Appenate

Another factor to their success is their innovation on the Appenate platform, coupled with Platform IGQS. They’ve built groundbreaking solutions that have helped them to create and maintain a loyal client base. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these solutions. 

1. Transformed A 45 Minute Job Into A 45 Second Job

This client had a tiresome process to get their data in the right place. They were using three different workflow management solutions at the same time. Which meant they had to consolidate all this data in a lengthy process. They had to download the data, zip it up, send it on in an email, and capture it manually elsewhere. 

The process took a total of 45 minutes per job. Even after all of this, they still got into arguments with their clients around payment and validation of jobs. 

Using the Appenate API along with Platform IGQS, our Solution Reseller cut this process down to just 45 seconds. From a tiresome, mundane task to just a few clicks. In the end, Platform IGQS created a custom solution that included all the modules they needed to do everything from a single platform for a seamless experience, saving time and money. 

Each step was also auto-validated on this system, forever ending payment arguments with this company and their clients.

2. Innovation In Agriculture

It’s easy to assume that agricultural companies leave innovation to others. In our Solution Reseller’s case, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The right reports and modules that matched their internal processes was a crucial part of a certain agricultural company’s success. They had to track batches and make improvements to not only their productivity but also the quality of their produce.

Our Solution Reseller helped them to create the custom solution that they needed. They assigned a batch number to each crop – in this case, a QR code which was printed via Platform IGQS. That, paired with Appenate’s barcode scanning capabilities, gave them the information they needed – whenever they needed it.

This gave them the end to end traceability they needed to succeed with a digital farming solution.

Here’s some of the information they could see at a glance…

  • When the seeds were sown
  • Which chemicals were used to protect the crops
  • Who planted the seeds
  • When the batch was harvested
  • The profitability of individual batches
  • And more!

Apart from this, our Solution Reseller also integrated this information into a live map. The farmers could see batch stats for plots right on the mapping tool. So they could easily see which farm blocks were performing best, and which needed attention.

Overall, a revolution in agricultural tech. 

3. Easy Employee Hours Tracking

Another client had a problem. They tracked their employee hours – for two main reasons: 

  1. So they didn’t run the risk of staff entering incorrect hours worked on their timesheets
  2. They could see who had capacity so that they could better assign tasks and workflow.

The problem was that it was an arduous process. Manual paper-based reports had to be drawn up and checked – a task that required a full-time employee. 

Our Solution Reseller was tasked with creating a simpler, more streamlined report, and they did. Using Appenate’s formula builder, REST connector, and Platform IGQS, they developed custom modules that enabled accurate tracking of employee hours. They were then able to generate automated payroll reports, thereby removing the need for the client to invest in a separate payroll system. 

On top of that, using Appenate’s GPS functionality, they could also see where their employees were at the time of check-in – all the way down to the street view. Which meant they could be sure that employees weren’t tracking hours from the comfort of their favourite pub 🙂

4. PDF Overload

One of their client’s had up to 10 different PDF reports that summed up different processes within their business. All of these PDFs were necessary for a complete picture of their operation, but they weren’t exactly easy to analyse. 

Our Solution Reseller came to the rescue once more. Using their innovation and technical skill, they created an integration that merged all of these reports into one easy to digest report. This was done using Appenate’s custom data template functionality to create custom PDFs. 

From there, they connected Appenate to Platform IGQS where a fully merged report could be seen. 

The client could now easily filter and sort the report to find the exact information they were looking for – without having to dig through 10 different PDFs. Their solution consolidated the information into a table of contents with a word editor, allowing for quick executive summaries to be drawn up – which was automatically attached to the consolidated document. 

They Continue To Win

These were just some of the ROI-driven solutions that Platform IGQS has provided. By using Appenate as a base for their business, they were able to focus not on development roadmaps, but on their clients’ needs. 

This is the secret behind their success – and they’ll continue to innovate and create amazing solutions for their clients well into the future. 

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