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About Appenate

More Than An App Platform

A Thriving Remote Culture

Appenate is a distributed company, with employees in several states and countries.
While, yes, this means “Appenators” can work at home in their PJs, it also means we’ve developed a unique culture that thrives on transparency, communication, and fun.
We know how to work hard and play hard from wherever we feel most productive – whether that’s on a living room couch, in the Appenate office, or on a beach in Thailand.

However, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the basic values that we live by every day…

Be Transparent

When you have the trust of others, you can move mountains together. Integrity is a trait we cherish in each other.

Respect Others

We are all peers, regardless of our title or history. None of us is greater than another, and each team member brings value.

Be Agile & Iterate

Success doesn’t happen in a day. Iterate, move quickly, and don’t worry about perfection. You can always iterate again!


We’re here to create meaningful results for our customers and our team. We work together to achieve success.

More Than a Mobile Application Platform

Appenate has been in operation since June 2011 with headquarters in Australia and a satellite office in South Africa. This ensures that all time zones are supported. The intention is to have team members working remotely from multiple locations around the world in the not too distant future.

We go beyond mobile forms; Appenate empowers you to build dynamic data-driven apps that contain features like menus, dashboards and listing Screens. This opens infinite possibilities for creating deep and productive apps that address the need to access information as well as capture data in the office or in the field.

We’re an agile company that’s globally focused, and pride ourselves in our product development which is heavily driven by customer feedback. We believe that customer support is a critical business function, so much so that we rotate our best people – including developers and even our CEO – through our support team. Our team also gets a kick out of helping customers identify areas of opportunity as well as helping improve their productivity!

“Our time tracking process is now more stable, efficient & fail-safe. Appenate is a flexible solution that requires little or no programming skills.”

Olaf Kropp

ICT Manager – Unique Personalservice

“Better data quality & reduced time allows us to lower the project costs for our client & also helps us to be more competitive.”

Piotr Ogiela

Senior Project Manager – Amey

“We can guarantee that a process will be executed the same way & that the output will be delivered with the required information, every time.”

Braedon Saunders

IT Manager – Rassaun Services Inc.

How Appenate Works For


IT Solutions

Use Appenate to rapidly build powerful mobile apps, including Android forms that delight your clientele.

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Software Vendors

Using Appenate, you can rapidly prototype and roll out mobile apps for your existing software suite.

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Rapidly Build Mobile Forms For Business. Automate business processes across iOS, Android and Windows

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Leverage the cloud and mobile devices with the power of Appenate. No programming required.

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