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What Our Customers Have To Say

“With Appenate, we get better quality data & have minimised our post-processing time.”
“Appenate is software that changes with your business, not the other way around.”

Rassaun Services Inc.

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“Great consistency in the overall product, user experience and customer service.”

Heidelberg USA Inc.

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“Appenate is for us, the platform that provides a major column of our digitalisation.”

Unique Personalservice

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“We were extremely impressed with the flexibility in the Appenate forms development.”

An Australian State Government Regulator

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Mobile Disaster Response

This customer provides government and other organisations with disaster and event management capabilities through their bespoke software product. But they needed more mobile functionality, to keep up with their customers’ migration to mobile devices.

Working with Appenate, the customer was able to rapidly create mobile data collection apps with key functions such as:

  • Evacuation Centres: Users can look up nearby centres, and can also update data about centres such as number of people sheltering, stocks of food and operational status.
  • Road Closures: Council workers are able to record road closure and opening, including details about signage, reason for closure, photos of the impact area and GPS coordinates.
  • Tasks and Jobs: Users are able to task jobs to mobile field users, providing details about the job, address and routing to the location. The statuses of jobs are updated via the mobile apps back into the disaster management system for real-time tracking of progress and crews.

The customer also engaged our professional services team to design, build and deliver the integration required to plug into the Appenate platform. We duly delivered this project along with branded Android & iOS apps, handing over the integration source code for the customer to maintain and extend as needed. Appenate’s flexible mobility platform hosting options mean that the customer has been able to host Appenate Server on their servers based in Sydney, Australia.

This was a key requirement given data sovereignty concerns from government, with the added benefit of giving full control over the platform, data and continuity aspects. Today the app is being rolled out to local government customers around Australia. Offline capabilities and the native speed of our technology means that mobile users are still able to access important data and perform other key tasks in the field, even during a hurricane.

Appenating Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This established CRM vendor needed to offer a mobile app in the face of competitors rolling out mobile capabilities. After discovering Appenate, the customer rapidly created screens for their app using our app development tools.

Working with the customer, we also added several features such as Listing screens and interactive fields that opened phone dialers (for phone numbers) and maps (for addresses). The customer began an integration project to connect their product to our comprehensive API.

We worked with them to improve our internal data source API to handle incremental updates, and also massively improved load times of these large data sources on the device. With native iOS and Android apps, their users can view, create and update records against their key entities such as Leads, Opportunities, Clients, Contacts and Projects, all with full offline capability. The dynamic nature of our app technology means that they can also offer customisable screens to their clients, delivering a more tailored experience.

Their apps have over 20 screens and approximately 30 data sources, with bi-directional integration both pulling data from their system into Appenate, and pushing data to their system when entries are uploaded from the apps.

Maximising Mobile Opportunities

This customer had a strong sales team that provides web-consulting services to the full spectrum of business and government agencies. A number of opportunities had arisen that required a mobility aspect in terms of data capturing and information access, but lacking the technical capability to deliver, the opportunities looked lost.

That was until they found Appenate! The customer quickly become familiar with our mobile app platform and began developing applications for their sales team to demonstrate and pitch to customers. Applications they have created so far include service assessments, site inspections, maintenance logs, product order forms, compliance and safety checklists and mobile survey systems.

This company is gaining traction in their chosen markets, with customers in the contract services, insurance, university and engineering sectors. We are also working with them to integrate with other key applications in the SME sector.

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