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The Appenate Platform

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Built For Real World Work

Appenate is an advanced no-code app builder for businesses that are serious about using the right tools for the job.

Data capture forms for the field is a cornerstone of our offering, however we also provide enterprise grade features like single sign-on (SSO), remote task management, on-premise hosting options and ability to work completely offline. 

Whether you’re sick of paper bogging down your business, or your current provider’s limitations are giving you greys, you’re in the right place now. 🎯

Drag-n-Drop UI

Drag-n-Drop UI

Build your own custom apps from scratch with a clean & powerful drag-and-drop interface.

A Range Of 
Adaptable Fields

A Range Of
Adaptable Fields

Choose from 23 different fields, all fully customizable to suit your requirements.

Example Apps

Example Apps

Hundreds of purpose-built example apps to learn from or edit to your preferences.

Easy, Transparent Management

Easy, Transparent Management

See asset maps, manage connectors, users & more all from a single powerful backend web app.

Appenate Platform Notifications

A Task Management System That Makes Sense

Managing tasks out in the field doesn’t need to be time-consuming. Automate task flows – complete with push notifications, view task maps, set minimum requirements for completion and much more. 

You can also set up recurring tasks and view current active tasks along with their status. Linking tasks to certain apps or forms is also straightforward, and goes a long way to keeping your workforce focused, organized and productive. 

Contactless Signature Capture

Capture those vital signatures – with no physical contact or device exchange.

location history of users

Know where your team is & what they’re working on.

Comments on Screen Fields

The ability to leave notes for yourself & team in our various Screen designers.

Live In The Field

Publish your apps & see them used live in the field via a clean & intuitive interface.

Speed & Power

Apps are native for increased speed & access to device capabilities like NFC & GPS.

Offline Capable

Use apps & continue working with or without an internet connection with full offline capability.

Safe & Secure

Snap photos, collect contactless signatures, & stay secure with 2-factor authentication.

White Label Screen

Powerful White Label Options

Re-brand our cloud platform with your company’s identity.
Our 360° White Label solution bears no reference to Appenate, & offers all the features of the Appenate platform under your name.

Appenate Branding Center

A one-of-a-kind center for you to manage your App as a Service apps and
Website as a Service customization.
Truly a ‘one-stop-shop’ to manage all aspects of your white label solution.

Published To Stores

Your app, available to all your users in
Apple App & Google Play stores.

Customizable Look & Feel

Tailor your Screens and Forms to reflect
your colour schemes and logos.

In Your Own Language

Further customize your app with our multiple
language translation support.

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Integrations With Popular Software & More

Our Connectors will help you link up with tools like PowerBI, Email, Salesforce and many others.
For everything else, however, we have a REST API that’s capable of linking to any web service with an exposed API.
This means you can integrate your business with your entire tool stack without building APIs from scratch. 

Integrations With Popular Software & More

Scan NFC Without Button Press

Scan NFC tags without a button press on each scan.

OCR Field Type

Increase data accuracy with automatic text extraction. Automatically extract any text (hand-written or printed).

bulk barcode scanning

Maintain an effective barcoding system and allow for fast scans from a huge database.

REST Field

Pull data from any API, directly into your apps. Issue a REST request in JSON or XML to an external web service.

On Device Printing Support

App users can print completed Form entries directly from Android, iOS and Windows devices – even when offline.

Watermarking of Images

Add dynamically generated text as a watermark on images, or chosen via a Media file, during a Form entry.

Appenate Map Nodes

Backed Up & Secure

Appenate is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, which enables us to deliver highly scalable, available and fault-tolerant services.

With data centres in the Americas, Europe and Australasia your information remains secure, backed up and in line with local legislative storage requirements. 

A server version of Appenate is also available to host on-premise.

Upgrade Security With

The double layer of security that 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) offers you is invaluable. It makes unauthorized access to your account more difficult for better protection against spoofing and hacking attempts.

Upgrade Security With 

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