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We’re Used In a Lot Of Places

Configure Solution-Specific Mobile Apps For Every Environment & Field of Work

Field workers arriving after being notified on their devices.

Field Services

Offline-capable field data collection software is critical in scenarios where data needs to be collected fast in remote areas.

Farmer logging his harvest times with Appenate apps


Mobilize agricultural processes by eliminating paper and sharing data collected in the field with office-based staff.

Two personnel discussing the logistics schedule on a tablet.


Eliminate the ‘clipboard approach’ and monitor deliveries and drivers while ensuring your systems are running efficiently.

Government workers looking over the plans reported on the app


Maintain a responsive and proactive government department while simplifying municipal processes and saving on costs.

Two mining workers reporting to a scene after receiving a notification on the app


Increase productivity and mobilize processes while ensuring data returns in real-time, and is more accurate than ever.

Construction team building at site.


Ditch your paper-based forms and delegate Tasks to your workers for completion at a given time and GPS location.

Inspection worker using Appenate apps to log working energy sources.


Optimize production for new levels of output & achieve limitless possibilities with Appenate’s industrial-grade apps. 

Manufacturing worker using Appenate on his tablet to capture data on the site.


Supercharge your manufacturing processes with mobile apps and lightning-fast data collection.

Oil & Gas worker utilizing Appenate apps on his tablet

Oil & Gas

Monitor every aspect of your operations. Track your assets, team & progress with apps that adapt to your needs.

Doctor working with Appenate apps to capture patients symptoms.


Secure information is never far away. Keep digital files on patients & streamline healthcare processes.

Exemplary Government

Easily dispatch inspection or maintenance tasks remotely with a powerful system – so your field teams can perform at peak productivity. All while never losing sight of important data.

Flawless Mining Operations

Keep things ticking over at the mine with safety, production and even employee performance tracking. Smart codeless Appenate apps provide all the data you need.

Optimised Utilities

Empower your field workers in the utility sector to work and meticulously capture every detail surrounding a job – even when they’re offline.

Efficient Healthcare

Appenate makes it possible to capture and store data, dispatch tasks, and share important policies and documents – all within a single platform.

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