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Collect employee performance data in a timesheet app. Use a PowerBI Connector to send your data to the Microsoft business intelligence tool to create dashboards & reports, producing valuable insights.


Specify when an automated email populated with relevant data should be sent out. A common example would be when a hazardous element is uncovered during a building inspection.


Save time when creating order forms by pulling in your client lists. Connect to a range of systems including Sharepoint List, Excel doc on Dropbox, or a table in an Azure SQL database to name a few.


Instead of duplicating data manually into external systems, rather integrate and insert rows directly into Microsoft SQL Databases, Google BigQuery, and Sharepoint lists.

Other Ways To Integrate With Us

Use Appenate Sync to automatically synchronise data between the platform and a local MS SQL Server database on your own system.

Our comprehensive REST-based API makes it easy for your developers to create mobile apps and plug the Appenate platform into your existing systems.

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