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Google BigQuery Logo

Google BigQuery

Insert Form entry data into a BigQuery database. Push data via Form & Task Connectors.
Egnyte Logo


Share & store files to Engyte’s enterprise cloud storage platform.
Snowflake Connector Logo


Push & pull data from a Snowflake database for better data storage, processing & analytics solutions.


Plug into almost any external web service that exposes a REST API.
Email Logo


Send custom emails & files. Automatically trigger emails when issues arise.


Push & pull data between NetSuite objects & Appenate automatically.
GeoOp Logo


Attach custom file outputs to a management solution to share real-time job data.
Salesforce Logo


Generate & upload custom file outputs to existing entities in your Salesforce account.
Azure Blob Storage Logo

Azure Blob Storage

Generate & upload custom file outputs to save in your Azure Blob Storage.
FTP Server Image

FTP Server

Generate, upload & transfer custom file outputs over a TCP-based network.
OneDrive Business Logo

OneDrive For Business

Generate & upload custom file outputs to your OneDrive Business account.
SharePoint Logo

SharePoint Document

Generate & upload files to Microsoft’s document management platform.
SharePoint List Logo

SharePoint List

Insert Form entry data as rows into a SharePoint List to organize information.
PowerBI Logo


Reporting & dashboarding made easy. Push Form entry data into a PowerBI dataset.
SQL Server Logo

SQL Server

Insert Form entry data as rows into a SQL Server database.
Google Drive Logo

Google Drive

Generate & upload custom file outputs to save in your Google Drive account.


Create & send custom SMS text messages via web service APIs.
Dropbox Logo


Generate & upload custom file outputs & access them across all devices.
Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Insert Form entry data as rows into Google’s web-based spreadsheet app.
Box Company Logo


Generate & upload custom file outputs to save in your Box account.

Amazon S3

Generate & upload file outputs with secure & highly-scalable object storage.
Excel Online

Excel Online

Synchronize Appenate forms with Excel Online using Data Source Connectors.
mySQL logo


Push data to MySQL databases in real-time via Database Connectors.


Automate data exports from Appenate to PostgreSQL with Form & Task Connectors.

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Just A Few Scenarios, Unlimited Possibilities


Collect employee performance data in a timesheet app. Use a PowerBI Connector to send your data to the Microsoft business intelligence tool to create dashboards & reports, producing valuable insights.


Save time when creating order forms by pulling in your client lists. Connect to a range of systems including Sharepoint List, Excel doc on Dropbox, or a table in an Azure SQL database to name a few.


Specify when an automated email populated with relevant data should be sent out. A common example would be when a hazardous element is uncovered during a building inspection.


Instead of duplicating data manually into external systems, rather integrate and insert rows directly into Microsoft SQL Databases, Google BigQuery, and Sharepoint lists.

Other Ways To Integrate With Us

Use Appenate Sync to automatically synchronise data between the platform and a local MS SQL Server database on your own system.

Our comprehensive REST-based API makes it easy for your developers to create mobile apps and plug the Appenate platform into your existing systems.

Integrations with Appenate. From apps on mobile to desktop.
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It’s common for platforms to hook you in with excellent support, then leave you to fend for yourself as soon as you make payment. 

Some even charge money for support. We provide free support and training for life. Whether you’re in the trial stage or a seasoned Appenate veteran, we’ll be there to help you with issues both big and small all the way through. 

At Appenate, you’re never on your own.

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The thing that I liked so much about the Appenate team, rather than all the other software teams I’ve worked with who never came back to me and they say you can do it yourself….is that you guys are really interactive, showing everything and I just liked that so much!

– Preethi L.

Less than 24-hrs later, I had a back-and-forth, technical dialogue, in words I could understand, with an individual who truly seemed interested in solving my problem. And we did! This person followed up a couple times, and truly went out of his/her way to get to a solution.”.

– Dan S.

It is amazing how versatile and insanely user-friendly the Appenate application is if you know how to make use of it. By what’s been shown to me above (and tested successfully), this solution is actually way better than what I expected…

– Nathan A. 

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