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“Better data quality and reduced time allows us to lower the project costs for our client and also helps us to be more competitive.”

Piotr O, Senior Project Manager Amey (Infrastructure & Public Services Management)

Customer Case Study: Amey

Appenate has helped Amey save bottom line costs in both time and labour as well as given them a competitive edge.

Amey’s 20,000 employees span four continents making them a leading supplier of consulting and infrastructure support services both in the UK and internationally.


The need for a reliable mobile solution quickly arose to assist in reducing their time and project costs. Piotr and his colleagues were assigned the mammoth task of testing a number of software platforms to find the best fit for their mobile forms needs.

The Evaluation Process

Piotr and his team were required to find a mobile solution to examine thousands of assets, monitor progress, manipulate data collected and produce a report thereon.

The ideal software product to help achieve this would need to have both online and offline connectivity, easy-to-build forms with full logic and automated calculations, while using existing datasets as the initial input.

Piotr said that Appenate came out tops with its extensive choice of formulas and validation options, automatic reports based on a template, ease of connectivity to other databases and systems, and creating forms from an Excel file.

How Do You Use Appenate?

When asked this question Piotr explained that Appenate is used by on-site staff who input data to forms on their mobile devices which is then shared with office-based staff, via their main database, who use these results to generate final reporting.

Piotr said that they wouldn’t be able to achieve this feat without features like Appenate’s unique:

  • Formulas: Write simple expressions to calculate values dynamically and displays fields based on input given to other fields in apps.
  • Screen Logic: Build data-driven apps with menus, maps, dashboards and listing screens.
  • Data Templating: Customise output with functionality which supports placeholders and formula syntax in Word/Excel.

Has Appenate Helped You?

Piotr’s response to this was a resounding yes!

“Thanks to Appenate we could reduce the site and office time. Thanks to the validation options we get better quality data and could minimise the post processing time. Thanks for the better quality and reduced time allowed us to lower the project costs for the Client and also helped us to be more competitive.”

The Appenate Experience

When asked to sum up Appenate in one sentence Piotr replied:

“Excellent product with unlimited potential.”

Better Quality + Reduced Time = Lower Project Costs

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