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“We’ve doubled the size of our company since taking on Appenate. It’s also helped our brand reputation by allowing us to put a solid offering on the table”

Anonymous CEO, “Partner R”
(White Label Partner)

White Label Case Study: Partner R

We’re exceptionally proud to showcase this white label partner’s achievements with Appenate – especially during this difficult time as we all learn to deal with COVID-19.

Partner R: Beating COVID-19

“We took it upon ourselves to help our clients’ employees return to work safely, and continue their critical tasks during the pandemic.” – Partner R

We’re dedicated to protecting the identity of our white label partners, so for the sake of this case study we’ll refer to this company only as “Partner R.”

They’ve helped employees return to work safely and safeguard their livelihood. They’re also helping hospitals mitigate the risks of COVID-19 – all through their innovative employee screening solutions.

We’re proud to be able to showcase solutions such as these.

The Beginning Of A Great Partnership

Partner R knew what they wanted right from the start. They had already identified an issue with their current setup and needed a flexible, mobile data capture solution. Before one could even be considered, it had to have certain features, including…

  • Flexibility
  • Geo-location capabilities
  • A highly customizable form builder 
  • Flawless white-label capabilities

And so the search was on to find something that ticked all these boxes – no easy task, right? 

Early Days

When Partner R first discovered Appenate, they knew they were on to something. We matched their criteria – which was one thing – but they knew they were looking for something special. Simply meeting all the requirements would not be enough. 

That’s when they discovered tasking – and a form builder that was easy to use yet oozed functionality. 

They realized that they could use Appenate not just for the specific challenge they were facing – mobile data collection – but also for a wide range of other things that would raise their value in the eyes of their customers. 

And that was it – a new partnership with endless possibilities bloomed.

Doubled In Size

Once Partner R signed on with Appenate, they explored the platform and adapted it to a wide range of scenarios for their clients (examples of these below) – soon covering the needs of over 150 local clients with over 10 000 users

Backed by the flexibility of Appenate, they were soon able to expand into the private markets as well and thus were able to double their size in just three short years.

Partner R was able to grow without having to increase spend on its tech – as Appenate evolves and improves on its own. They were then able to pass this saving on to their customers and increase their overall value proposition in the market. 

The Original Solution

“After using Appenate, we realized that we could use this for all different applications and scenarios for our pool of clients.” – Partner R

When Partner R first started, they were helping clients better manage maintenance teams with mobile forms. Whether these were for site inspections, planned and preventative maintenance, or breakdowns (making use of Appenate’s tasking system), they were able to provide solutions to these real-world problems. 

They expanded upon that by innovatively linking web forms to Appenate, in order to help companies deal with client and customer requests. 
Things were great. 
And then COVID-19 hit. 

Opportunity Or Despair?

When businesses across the world were backtracking and cutting spending on all fronts, Partner R had to rope in HR staff to assist with sales. 

They experienced a growth explosion. 

That’s because, while everyone else succumbed to varying degrees of despondency and panic, Partner R recognized an opportunity to help their customers. More than that – they could help protect the livelihoods of their customers’ employees. 
By leveraging the Appenate platform and their own platforms, Partner R gave their clients the ability to create custom screening solutions – to allow their employees to return to work in a safe and controlled environment. 

This helped to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while protecting jobs. 
Other companies soon took notice, and Partner R experienced unprecedented growth into a variety of sectors – amassing a client pool of over 200 private organizations in a short amount of time.

Three Examples Of Private Sector Success

The expansion of Partner R into various sectors like healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality presented them with a range of new and exciting challenges – not to mention the obvious opportunity for growth.

They rose to the occasion with grace and expertise, building innovative solutions that, in a  pre-COVID-19 world, might not have come to exist.

“Appenate allowed us to help our clients in various different scenarios in all sectors of their business which – in turn – helped us to expand our business across the continent.” – Partner R

1. Exposure Tracking

Using Appenate’s form builder and data storage capabilities, Partner R built a custom “Exposure Tracking” solution for a major healthcare organization. 

Armed with this tool, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can track who in their staff was exposed to COVID-19. The staff members simply had to fill out a form stating the details of how they were exposed and what sort of protective gear they were wearing. 

The main benefit here is that officials can track successful vs. unsuccessful cases of COVID-19 transmission, thereby conducting opportunistic research into which protective equipment was most effective for dealing with possible COVID-19 cases. 

2. Visitor Screening

Using API’s, our Rest Connector and their own platform, Partner R was able to create a custom solution for another major healthcare facility – regarding their visitors.

Where Appenate is an internal-facing solution, Partner R through clever use of the possibilities, created a customer-facing solution.

By screening visitors via web-forms, it was possible to ascertain infection risks before they became a problem, and the facility could thus mitigate the spread of COVID-19 from visitors. Rather than ban visits altogether, they found a way to allow visitors with limited risk. 

An innovation that’s helped to keep families in personal touch with their hospitalized loved ones. 

3. Automatic Entrance At An International Manufacturing Company

An international manufacturing company wished to avoid the spread of COVID-19 through its ranks. Employees (over 1200 of them!) were already using access ID’s to enter the building – and that’s where another innovation from Partner R comes in. 

Using API’s and rest connectors, they created a solution that would allow employees into the building only once they’d completed and passed a screening so they could return to work safely. 

This and many other brilliant solutions showcase the sheer flexibility of Appenate and the genius of those who use it in these innovative ways. 

What The Future May Hold

Going forward, Partner R looks to continue their growth by further expanding its impressive range of innovations. 

A testament to this is the fact they’ve very recently built a Zapier integration, in order to feed data to and from Appenate from a variety of different platforms, all in order to give their customers the best possible service. 

If you’d like to give Appenate a spin to improve the service you offer your clients, simply sign up for a free, no-obligation trial to get the process started.

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