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“Appenate is software that changes with your business, not the other way around.”

Braedon S, IT Manager Rassaun Services
(Mechanical and Electrical Contractors)

Customer Case Study: Rassaun Services Inc.

Appenate has helped Rassaun Services streamline their business processes through increased efficiency and accuracy in their data collection and field work activities.


Rassaun Services is a business specialising in custom fabrication, mechanical and electrical services in Ontario, Canada. The majority of their workforce is based at client facilities making tasks like data collection a challenge for critical business processes such as payroll, inspections, and billing.

Braedon was assigned the task to find a solution in which their data captured in the field could be shared with office-based employees rapidly and reliably

The Evaluation Process

Braedon said that the key factor when sourcing a solution such as this was: ‘The Trial’.

Although he does see merit in the likes of white papers and demonstrations, to truly experience the capabilities of the software, he feels a physical trial of the product is non-negotiable. Additionally, he found it much easier to get the relevant decision-makers on board once he had created a proof of concept applicable to their business case.

Braedon believes that Appenate outshone its competitors with features such as our diverse range of Connectors, being able to ‘Sync’ between the platform and a local MS SQL Server database, and our Web Platform Interface.

Appenate In The Work Place

The Rassaun employees currently using Appenate include trades workers from all three off-site divisions, managers, supervisors, human resources, health & safety, and equipment departments.

Their specific app has over 250 screens and caters to a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Equipment & Vehicle Checks
  • Job Forms
  • Payroll
  • Receipting
  • Quotes
  • HR Information
  • Employee Training
  • Resource Hub
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Basic CRM

How Appenate Has Helped

When asked how Appenate has benefitted their business Braedon explained that it’s dramatically increased efficiency and accuracy in data collection.

He went on to say that it has turned many of their business processes into a programmed experience for their employees. 

“We can guarantee that a process will be executed the same way and that the output will be delivered with the required information, every time.”

The Appenate Experience

When asked to sum up their experience with Appenate Braedon replied:

“Appenate is software that changes with your business, not the other way around.”

300+ Published Screens 20,000+ Data Entries

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