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“The flexibility in unlimited form creation has been a massive cost saver to the company”

– Michael D, Founding Partner – Remote ISP
(Internet Service Provider)

Customer Case Study: RemoteISP

Appenate has replaced a bespoke app to provide flexibility, a multitude of capabilities, and cost savings as the network installation and hosting company expands.


There was a great need for the ability to pull up job information across devices at any given moment when a customer phoned. The digital documentation of an installation safety checklist and incident report was also key. Now that the field work is running through Appenate, there are plans to integrate Remote ISP’s invoicing process as well.

The Evaluation Process

The company had a costly app developed for the requirements of their internal staff members. It would have cost them another large sum to have a further form added or the functionality to re-call information previously collected.

After testing two proof of concept forms on Appenate, they decided to cut their losses with the initial investment and migrated effortlessly across to Appenate.

Appenate In The Work Place

The type of apps used for data management and record-keeping:

  • Residential or Commercial Sign Up Forms
  • Installation Safety Checklist
  • Incident Reporting

Features that have improved their work processes: 

  • Compacted length of forms with dropdowns
  • Binding applications to data sources
  • Setting GPS location of the installations
  • Restricting the length of data inputs
  • Automatic insertion of names on the declaration form
  • Signature capabilities
  • Concatenate name and surname for data entry

How Appenate Has Helped

When asked, Michael, one of the founders, replied:

“Not having to dig through forms and phone a customer back each time they have a question has dramatically improved and sped up our customer support. The flexibility in unlimited form creation has been a massive cost saver to the company with an outlook to integrate our other business processes as well.”

The Appenate Experience

When asked to sum up their experience with Appenate, the RemoteISP technical consultant replied:

“Appenate is far better than our custom built app.”

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