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Damage Report

Rapidly capture all the details of an incident that led to asset damage. With advanced features like the Contactless Signature & the option to pin the GPS Location of the incident, you’ll push out more comprehensive reports than ever before. Log witnesses, damage details, and photographic evidence to paint a full picture. Rest assured that sound reports will always back your insurance claims.


A digital form that allows you to log all the details of damages incurred in a fast & reliable way. Ideal for logging damage to vehicles & property of any kind.


Damage reports will be easier to capture, take up less time and you’ll remove the risk of paper reports being misplaced, with data safely stored on the cloud.


Utilizes GPS for location capture, various text and choice fields as well as photo capture and more – for a truly comprehensive, easy-to-capture report.

Ideal For:

Any business that carries physical property risks and seeks a more effective, reliable way to capture vital information.



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