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How Appenate Works For The

Agriculture Industry

Create & Deploy Custom Forms & Processes.
Mobile & Desktop. No Coding Required.

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Better Information = Better Yields

Knowing every step of your processes on the farm is valuable, you’re able to capture data that’ll give you information on crop yields on specific plots, grazing history for cattle, dip schedules and so much more.

Using Appenate’s custom app builder, you can:

Assign tasks straight to workers’ mobile devices. 

Submit mobile forms offline and sync when there’s a signal available.

Access critical documentation on the go.

Keep track of crop growth and cattle grazing patterns, and so much more. 

Create All The Apps You Need

With Appenate’s innovative drag-n-drop app builder, you can create checklists, machine inspection reports, crop inspections and even incident reports.

Deploy these apps to your workers and allow them to capture information in the field, without having to rely on paper. The information goes straight to the cloud (if the network is available) and is kept safe from spills, rips, mud and who knows what else paper has to endure.

No more data loss, just secure, readily available information. 

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Free Training & Support For Life

Building apps, even with a drag-n-drop builder, can be intimidating. With Appenate, we’ll be by your side whenever you need us, to guide you through your learning experience. Our friendly in-house support teams will have you building your own apps in no time. 

Start with a free trial now and see how far powerful mobile apps can take your farming endeavours.

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