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Accurately Track & Monitor
Your Assets With Printed Tags

Get a bird’s-eye view of your assets with tags that can be configured & printed from your mobile device

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Mobile Printing App

Manually managing your assets can finally be a headache of the past! With mobile-friendly digital forms, you can capture and control the details of your resources in one place – giving you back control.  Our pre-built app allows you to connect to a local printer & print out tags to monitor every asset. 


Print tags that contain all the details you need. Connect to a local printer, add your data sources and start printing. You’re well on your way to smoother asset management.


Streamline asset management with smart technology that allows for speedy, integrated & highly configurable data management.


A digital form that allows you to fill out the details of your assets & print tags from your mobile device for easy scanning. Connect to local data sources to instantly add your assets to the list. 

Ideal For:

Any company that holds physical resources that need to be monitored and/or tracked easily.
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