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Cango Caves Update: Adding More Functionality ‘Under The Hood’ (Updated)

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update, Cango Caves, named after the popular tourist destination in South Africa. Most of the changes in this release are under the hood, but we’ve also added some highly requested features. The team is working hard to ensure our customers can create even better user experiences.

Update: Now rolling out and should conclude very soon!

Let’s explore the features in this update. 🔦

Surprise Features

We have some fantastic news to share – there are a couple of features we’ve been working on in the background, and they’re ready to be included in this release! 🥳

So the following two sections are brand new – enjoy!

Edge Users

Standing apart from our Standard and Premium users, this option is tailored for ad-hoc and low-usage or edge-case scenarios at a more affordable price.

In a nutshell, your core users would still need Standard or Premium user licenses. If you have someone on site who only ever does a monthly inspection, however, they would fit perfectly within the Edge user license. 

Some criteria are that your account must have a minimum of 30 users or 30% of the total user count (whichever is higher) billed as Standard or Premium users. This is referred to as the “core group”. Edge users can’t be the sole user type in your account. 

The feature accessibility of Edge users depends on the license type held by the core group. If the core group consists primarily of Premium users, then Edge users will also have access to Premium features. Similarly, if the core group consists of more Standard users, then Edge users will be restricted to Standard features.

Regardless of feature access, all Edge users are subject to the following:

  • 10 included transactions per user per month, including Form Entries and/or Tasks. These included transactions will be pooled together. For instance, if you have 30 Edge users, the transaction pool will be 300, available for all Edge users.
  • Usage exceeding the pooled number of transactions will be invoiced afterwards at a per-transaction cost.
  • Edge users will not have access to the administration Portal. They will only have access to the app itself.

Learn more in the knowledgebase article here.

Web Forms Add-on

The new Web Forms feature is designed to cater to both regular and non-regular users, whether they are part of your organization or external.  

With Web Forms, users can easily submit entries through a browser without the need for a user login. This is ideal for staff members, customers, guests, or visitors who need to provide information through a Web Form. Simply share a Web Form link that anyone can access. They can then fill out and submit the Form anonymously, triggering internal business processes or updating relevant details in your system.

To use an example; suppose your team requires access to an incident report Form. While some staff members have regular access to the mobile app and can effortlessly submit the incident report Form, others may not need frequent app access but still need to submit the entry. To accommodate these non-regular users, you can generate a Web Form that they can use for submission. The remarkable aspect is that regular app users can submit the same Form directly within the mobile app.

Another example: Imagine you’re onboarding a new customer and need their details. By sending them a Web Form, you can seamlessly collect and update their information in your customer data source.

Similarly, when a customer contacts you for a service or installation, you can send them a Web Form to accept a quote, gather additional details about their requirements, and schedule a suitable appointment.

Key features and limitations of the Web Forms Add-on include:

  • Single-page Web Form
  • Max 50 fields per Web Form
  • No login is required – a system user is created when the add-on is enabled
  • Field types are limited. For example, one cannot use a Location Field
  • Upload option required – added by default when creating a new Web Form
  • $99 monthly or $999 per annum
  • 250 entry upload limit – billable submissions thereafter

We are excited to announce that the beta version of Web Forms will be launched in the next few days. To get started, you can try this option for FREE for 30 days by visiting the billing page and clicking the TRY button.

With the Web Forms Add-on, you can explore new use cases and unlock the full potential of our platform within your organization.

Learn more in the knowledgebase article here.

Email-less Login

Unfortunately, Email-less Login did not make it in due to last-minute scope changes. It has been moved to the next cycle to be planned and implemented properly.

New Features And Improvements

Nested Repeats For More Comprehensive Data 

Nested Repeats will soon be a reality on the Appenate platform. This feature will let you add a Table field within a Table field (Tableception!) or a Table field within a repeatable page. 

You’ll be able to capture even more complex data sets and export them to SQL, SharePoint, and other flat file-based Connectors. Custom output can also be in .docx, .xlsx, and .PDF formats.

As one example, a building inspector can use Nested Repeats to capture information about the rooms within a building and items within those rooms that require inspection. And once you’ve submitted your Form, the form data can be communicated via email in your own custom output format.

Powerful New PostgreSQL Connector 

To compliment our MS SQL Connector, we’re adding PostgreSQL Form and Data Source Connectors to our suite, enabling your solution to interact with a PostgreSQL database.

PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database management system. It supports a wide range of data types and has a reputation for being scalable and reliable. By adding this Connector, you can securely push and pull data from your PostgreSQL database.

We’re Also Adding A MySQL Connector

While we’re adding database Connectors, it makes sense to add a MySQL Connector as well. MySQL is another open-source relational database management system known for being fast, reliable, and widely used. 

Integrating a MySQL Connector can enhance your app’s functionality and make it even more powerful and efficient, allowing you to push and pull information from your database. 

More Inclusive Email-less Login (For Customers Using Ping Identity) (Delayed)

We’re focusing on cases where customers don’t have an email address and need to use Ping Identity to log in and authenticate the app. With this improvement, you can now use Ping Identity without an email address, providing a more streamlined login experience for your users.

Sadly, this feature has been delayed and will be added to our next update.

Include A List Of Values In The App Launch Rules.

Our App Links feature allows you to create custom links that can be sent to your users via email or text or used within other software to launch a Form within our app.

This update will enable you to send a pipe-separated list of values as a parameter via query string in the App Launch rules. This means you can pass even more information to the Form.

We’re excited to bring these improvements to you, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll use them to create even better experiences for your users.

Maintenence & Bugs

  • Return Scroll to a modified Table row.
  • Refine invalid formula responses in Formula Builder.
  • Adding an ‘All’ option to date filtering defaults on the Task Templates page.
  • Validation on Files & Docs file size limit for uploads.
  • Support for Dutch translation in-app.
  • Add input fields for Code Signing Certificate information in Branding Centre for Windows signing CSR generation.

Already ‘Getting Our Hands Dirty’

As always, we’re already delving into this powerful new update. We’ll notify you when the update rolls out so you can keep your eyes peeled for the new features you’ve all been waiting for.