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Easily Manage All The Safety Panning For High-Risk Construction Work 

Enhance Your Work Site’s Safety With This Ready-To-Go App From Our Examples Catalogue

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Safe Work Method Statement

Digitalize your SWMS to unleash the perks of mobile safety planning. You’ll get to remotely assign, manage and edit worker responsibilities – like overseeing compliance and reviewing. Easily list high-risk activities and assign tasks, potential dangers, and control measures to each. Add demonstrative photos and use our contactless signature feature to allow easy sign-off.


Manage the entire high-risk construction planning process with offline-capable mobile apps. From execution to reviewal – leave no space for safety setbacks.


Top-down control of the entire safety planning process – from start to finish – for a safer workplace for all employees. 


Document high-risk work activities, assign worker roles, and capture detailed progress insights with the option of adding GPS locations and photos where needed.

Ideal For:

Businesses that regularly spearhead risky projects and feel the need for a reliable digital system to elevate their safety protocols and securely capture and store their data.



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