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“A flexible solution that requires little or no programming skills”

Olaff K, ICT Manager Unique Personalservice

Customer Case Study: Unique Personalservice

Unique Personalservice has been using Appenate to assist in their time tracking and overall digital transformation process.


Unique is a subsidiary company of USG People B.V., one of the leading international enterprises in the staffing industry.

In Germany, Unique is offering its services at approximately 80 branches across the country with more than 8000 employees. Digital Transformation, process effectiveness, and mobility have become the mandate for their various ICT departments.

Olaf and his team were tasked with sourcing a flexible mobile forms solution that required little or no programming skills, and a pay per user licensing model.

Evaluation And Assessment

Olaf was impressed by the easy-to-use dynamic Screens Appenate has available which can be used to create Forms and intuitive, data-driven applications. The affordable per user pricing was an added plus.

He was also very taken with the overall vision of the product. The maturity of the platform, open interfaces, and workflow functionality is what made Appenate stand out from its competitors during their final evaluation process.

His initial concerns when embarking on this project was to find a platform that is stable, reliable, and capable of handling a large number of accounts. He’s happy that Appenate has ticked all of these boxes.

How Is Appenate Used In Your Company?

Unique Personalservice has deployed Appenate apps to their field-based temporary workers as well as their permanent office-based staff.

Olaf said that they’re currently using Appenate for time management of temporary workers, and updating database items like client street addresses, telephone numbers, etc. He explained that they’re still in the pilot phase of the solution and, in future, will use Appenate to handle activities like leave requests and other more complex employee-specific processes.

Has Appenate Helped?

Olaf explained that Appenate has helped contribute towards Unique Personalservice’s digital transformation in many ways;

“Especially the time tracking process – it is now much more stable, efficient and fail-safe.”

The Appenate Experience

When asked about his experience with Appenate, Olaf replied:

“Appenate is for us, the platform that provides a major column of our digitalisation.”

“The maturity of the platform, open interfaces, and workflow functionality.”

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