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Power Your Team With Rugged Devices & Smart, No-Code Business Apps

Apply Practical Solutions To Real-World Challenges With Appenate & Zebra

Appenate’s goal is to provide your field and internal teams with an efficient working solution – using any mobile devices. Sometimes though, a conventional smartphone won’t cut. In the toughest of conditions, you need the toughest of devices. Which is why we’ve partnered with Zebra – to provide your business with the edge you need to get ahead.

Exemplary Government

Easily dispatch inspection or maintenance tasks remotely with a powerful system – so your field teams can perform at peak productivity. All while never losing sight of important data involved in government management.

Efficient Healthcare

Appenate makes it possible to capture and store data, dispatch tasks, and share important policies and documents – all within a single platform. Pair us with a powerful, hardy Zebra device for a long-term solution to healthcare management.

Optimised Utilities

Empower your field workers in the utility sector to work and meticulously capture every detail surrounding a job – even when they’re offline. Remote task dispatch means less travel and more productivity – all while capturing important data surrounding these tasks.

Flawless Mining Operations

Keep things ticking over at the mine with safety, production and even employee performance tracking. Smart codeless Appenate apps provide all the data you need, and rugged Zebra devices provide your staff with the right tools for the tough mining conditions.

Contactless Signature Capture

Bulk Barcodes At Top Speed

Create or maintain an effective barcoding system with Appenate and your favourite external barcode reader –
and allow for fast scans from a huge database.

Our added support for external barcode scanners can handle databases with as much as 50 000 individual items (we’ve tested it ourselves). Information held in the database passes seamlessly through the system in splitseconds, allowing you to scan more items, faster.

Implement Appenate to your barcode-dependent operations and crush your limitations.

Smart Apps & Rugged Devices

Work From Anywhere

Optimised Offline Operations

When working in extreme conditions, an internet connection or even a decent signal is often a luxury. That’s why Appenate and Zebra make the perfect combination, pairing rugged, offline-capable mobile devices with a hardy, offline-capable platform. So when the signal drops, the work doesn’t stop.

Sharpen Your Team’s Edge

Your team already has an edge – they keep working where others would stop. They go places others dare not tread – so sharpen that edge and allow them to work from anywhere – at any time.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Provide your clients with holistic white label solutions with a platform & apps in their company branding.

Our white label partners have built powerful platforms that enable them to deliver a better service to their clients – and stand out from the crowd.

Partner With Us

Blog banner announcing the new partnership between Zebra and Appenate

Customer Case Study: Partner Z

We’ve helped our white label partners create innovative solutions – and in this case, we provided the platform for “Partner Z” to create specialist, white-label apps for use on rugged Zebra vehicle-mounted devices.
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“Appenate allowed our company to go paperless in the field & gave us the ability to move towards other paperless operations.” – Junetta, Commercial Service Department – Total Group

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