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Why Data Visibility Should Be A Top Priority In Your Business

There are no excuses for poor data visibility. We have all the tools we need to make sure we’re capturing the right data, at the right time – and storing it safely for later perusal. 

Is it worth the effort to switch to these tools, though? Is a safer workplace truly within reach? Can production really improve? Can our decision-making benefit from having a wealth of information at our fingertips? 

The simple answer: Of course 😁

What Is Data Visibility? 

It’s how easy your data is to access – and how accurate that data is. It’s the end result of your data capturing, processing and reporting procedures.

Sound data visibility is being able to look at a screen and analyze all the important metrics with the confidence that your data is reliable.

A recent case study is an excellent example of why data visibility is important. Management at the company in question knew there were safety incidents taking place – but they didn’t have the data to be sure. That’s because employees had to fill out a paper report by hand and physically take it to the office. 

This ultimately led to reports being lost or forgotten because of the effort involved. 

Once they had a mobile solution in hand, incident reporting accuracy increased.  Management was made aware of previously invisible safety risks, and overall workplace safety increased. 

Why (Else) Should I Focus On Data Visibility? 

Apart from saving lives, there are countless more reasons to focus on data visibility. 

From the simple – stock is running low, let’s order some more of this thing – to the complex – knowing all the little details of your supply chain so you can identify optimization opportunities.

Having this data available isn’t enough, though. You also have to be confident that you’ve captured everything accurately. It’s the only way to ensure optimal decisions are made every day. 

That’s why we recommend moving away from paper-based processes and making the shift into the digital age. Good decisions require accurate data – it’s really as simple as that.

How Do We “Shift To The Digital Age?”

A digital transformation button being pressed by a man
There are tons of ways to ditch paper and embrace technology. We at Appenate, however, shun the cookie-cutter approach. 

A few Google searches will give you many options promising a simple shift away from paper. Then the vast majority of them will force you to do things a certain way. Your complex business will be lumped into the same pool as the one-dimensional business they helped last week. 

That won’t do. Your business deserves more.  

That’s why Appenate (and platforms like it) exist.

Mobile Business App Builder? What Is That? 

You have a paper form somewhere in your business for capturing valuable information. You’ve used the same one for years and there’s no chance you’re swapping it out for some fancy new digital form. 

We get it. What if crucial information is left out? What if you only realize down the line and a sudden revert is needed. Hours of work, gone.

That’s where we come in. 

With us, you’ll be able to re-create your form page by page, field by field. No data loss, and better visibility and accuracy than ever before. 

You can maintain your tried and trusted workflow but cut paper to save both costs and time – check out our ROI calculator in this post for more

Best part? That’s only the tip of the Appenate iceberg.

More Than Data Visibility – Total Business Control

What if data capture and storage isn’t enough? What if you want to manage tasks, consult visual maps of your assets or employees, and create detailed workflows and automated reports or emails? 

You can do all this and more with Appenate. 

Explore our feature showcases to see more of what’s possible with Appenate – and find out a little bit more about the people behind the platform while you’re at it 🙂

There’s No Magic Button

Appenate sounds great, right? The thing is, cookie-cutter platforms do have their appeal. Everything’s already done for you. 

With Appenate, you’ll either need to learn to use it and do the work (well worth it when you’re saving lives or optimizing production – and free training is included). Another option is to hire someone to set everything up for you. Get in touch with us for an introduction to one of our solutions partners if you’d prefer to go this route. 

That said, some people pick Appenate up with great ease – the best way to find out if we’re the platform for you is to take our free trial – details below. 

Take Charge Of Your Data Visibility Today

It’s time to drop the old, unreliable ways. Step into the light – the digital space. Where offline-capable forms mean you can capture data whenever and wherever (just like with paper), and meaningful data rests at your fingertips.

Data that’ll help you make unquestionable decisions based on fact and whole, uncompromised data. 

Sign up now for a free trial to give it a go. You’ll enjoy free support and training from our friendly support and success teams – and do keep a lookout for our 90 for 90 special. We’ll send you all the details as you move through your trial with us. 

Enjoy the journey to going paperless – it’s one well worth taking.