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GoCanvas Alternative: Empower Your Workforce With Pricing Stability & Unmatched Support

Choosing between GoCanvas and Appenate for your data collection needs? Let’s zero in on what makes Appenate stand out, giving you a clear idea of which platform will serve your specific data goals.

As always – the proof is in the pudding. Try out both platforms and pay special attention to how responsive the support teams are.🕵🏻

Let’s start with the most common reason GoCanvas users move over to Appenate...

Pay Less (Much Less!) With Appenate

Choosing Appenate could dramatically cut your data collection costs—by more than 70%! This savings opens up your budget for other critical areas, helping your business scale more efficiently. It’s a strategic move for long-term digital success.

What really sets Appenate apart? Its flexibility. Unlike some platforms that lock you into annual contracts, Appenate offers the freedom to sign up or cancel anytime. This flexibility is ideal if you’re still fine-tuning your process optimization or if you’re not ready to commit long-term. No need to worry about getting stuck in an unwanted contract.

Plus, with Appenate, you can count on rate stability. You won’t face unexpected price hikes, ensuring more predictable budgeting as you plan your company’s growth.

Here’s a quick look at what you’d pay with GoCanvas vs Appenate:

GoCanvas Pricing:

  • Pro Plan: $49/user/month
  • Max Plan: $79/user/month
  • Minimum: 3 users

Appenate Pricing:

  • Standard Plan: $9.90/user/month (or $11.90 if paid monthly)
  • Premium Plan: $14.90/user/month (or $17.90 if paid monthly)
  • Minimum: 5 users

“GoCanvas is a very expensive product. It also misses the mark on many levels.”

– Dale S (a happy Appenate convert!)

Beyond Helpdesks – Personalized Support

Both Appenate and GoCanvas provide comprehensive support systems to ensure you can maximize the use of their platforms efficiently, but each offers unique features that might appeal differently depending on your specific needs.

Appenate stands out with their commitment to personalized training. They offer unlimited one-on-one web training at no additional cost. This approach allows you to dive deep into the platform’s features and functionalities with an expert, tailored to your schedule and specific questions. This level of personalized service ensures you can leverage our system to its fullest potential right from the start.

GoCanvas, while it does not offer the same one-on-one training sessions, provides solid support via phone, but note that this is available only during business hours (9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays). If your operation requires support availability during these hours, GoCanvas could work.

For those weighing which support model will best serve their operational needs – consider how and when you might need support from the get-go. Appenate’s flexible, personalized training could be invaluable for teams needing more hands-on guidance to get up and running. In contrast, GoCanvas might suffice for those who anticipate needing less frequent support within standard business hours.

To really gauge what to expect from their customer service, looking at online reviews and testimonials can give you a better understanding of how other users perceive their support effectiveness. Visit software review platforms like Software Suggest & Capterra for a first-hand look at verified customer stories.

Features That Set Appenate Apart From GoCanvas

Appenate edges out GoCanvas in quite a few important areas. Let’s break it down.

#1 Advanced Mobile Form Builder Functionality

“We’ve trialed many competitors, and none were as feature-rich as Appenate.”    

Simon Ozanne (Alacon Aero Case Study)
  1. On-device Printing and QR Code Generation: Appenate excels in practicality with on-device printing and QR code generation. This feature is a boon for field services needing immediate labeling or receipt printing, directly enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction right where it counts – out in the field.
  2. Multimedia Attachments: While both platforms accommodate multimedia attachments, Appenate’s interface is particularly flexible, making it a breeze to add voice, video, and photo files. This user-friendly approach is perfect for sectors like construction or maintenance, where a mix of documentation is key to accurate reporting.

#2 Workflow Automation

  1. Automatic Job Allocation: With Appenate’s sophisticated automation features like ‘next available’ or ‘first to claim’, managing tasks becomes more dynamic and less hands-on. This is especially crucial for managing large teams or emergency services, where quick response and efficient task distribution can make all the difference.
  2. Ease of Copying Content Between Environments: Appenate shines when it comes to scalability. It effortlessly allows for the replication of successful workflows across any organization, ensuring consistency and compliance whether you’re part of a growing franchise or a global enterprise.

#3 Accessibility & Convenience

“Appenate’s remote-first design and its ability to quickly re-sync when access is restored has improved our data collection immensely.”

– Mark Chimes (McClelland Concrete Pumping Case Study)
  1. Robust Offline Access: Both Appenate and GoCanvas offer offline capabilities, but Appenate takes it a step further with seamless online syncing after reconnection, all without the need for user intervention. This is incredibly useful in fields like mining or oil, where connectivity is often a challenge, ensuring that your work doesn’t skip a beat.
  2. Multi-Language Support: With more extensive language support compared to GoCanvas, Appenate breaks down more barriers in global deployment. This feature is invaluable for international companies seeking to maintain high usability

“Thanks to Appenate, we’ve been able to expand all over the world by offering comprehensive digital transformation solutions to companies in all major industries”

Vivek Gupta (qubesense Case Study)

Helping You Choose Between GoCanvas & Appenate

  1. Does It Fit the Bill? Think about what you really need. Does the tool handle everything from the easy stuff to the complex workflows you might throw at it?
  2. Plays Well With Others? Check if it’ll smoothly link up with the tech you already use. Good integration can make or break your workflow.
  3. Budget-Friendly? Is the price right within your reach? More importantly, will it pay off in the long run? Make sure it’s worth the dough.
  4. Support: Response or silence? When you hit a snag, who’s on the other end of the line? You want a team that’s got your back, not just a cold, corporate response.

If you’re nodding ‘yes’ to these, you’re on track!

And hey, why not take Appenate out for a spin? We offer a trial with no strings attached—perfect for a no-pressure test drive. Start building your first app today – play around with our templates or build from scratch, the most important thing is that you make your decision with confidence.

Happy app building!🔥