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Actualización Iguazú: Un Impulso Refrescante en Tu Experiencia de Plataforma


¡Estamos emocionados de compartir que nuestra próxima actualización de plataforma está actualmente en desarrollo! Inspirándonos en las impresionantes Cataratas del Iguazú, una maravilla natural que se extiende entre Argentina y Brasil, esta actualización da vida a varias características muy esperadas. Nuestro objetivo? Mejorar significativamente tu experiencia en la plataforma. Destacados de … Read more

Iguazú Falls Update: A Refreshing Surge In Your Platform Experience

We’re excited to share that our next platform update is currently under development! Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking Iguazú Falls, a natural wonder spanning Argentina and Brazil, this update brings to life a number of eagerly awaited features.  Our aim? To significantly enhance your platform experience. Feature Spotlight 1) App … Read more

The Ultimate Appenate Review [Best Data Collection Software in 2024]

Appenate Review 2024

Appenate is a no-code Mobile Form Builder at its core. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, clients effortlessly create everything from simple checklists to intricate, multi-step approval workflows for comprehensive data collection. Positioned as one of the most versatile industrial app builders around, it’s equipped to handle almost any data collection … Read more

Best for Mobile Field Inspections: Appenate or FastField Forms?

Appenate VS Fastfield Forms Comparison Banner

Navigating the choice between Appenate and FastField Forms for mobile field inspections? Both shine in offline data gathering, easing field-service paperwork. Although these two have much in common – they excel in separate contexts. This comparison aims to delineate those differences clearly so you can pick the tool that’s compatible … Read more

Data Quest: Unlocking Business Success Through Data Collection

Business Efficiency Data Quest Blog Banner

The quest to harness data can feel like a never-ending battle. With the right approach, however, you can meet your objectives faster and with unmatched accuracy. This subject is nuanced, but we’ll carve out some bare bones to help you envision the potential of employing the right data collection tools. … Read more

Inspect with Confidence: The 7 Best Mobile Site Inspection Apps

Reliable Site Inspection Mobile Apps Blog Post Banner

Inspecting with confidence is a big deal. When site inspections come around, we’re often ill-prepared – racing against the clock. The ability to pull up a smartphone, log entries and flag issues on the fly can be a game-changer. Enter the magic of mobile Site Inspection apps. This post covers seven … Read more

5 Internal Auditing Software Solutions That Are Truly Worth Your Time

5 Audit Management Solutions That Are Worth Your Time - Blog Banner

Quality Auditing Software can be the game-changer you’re seeking. Compliance is nuanced, complex and time-consuming. All too often, we find ourselves scrambling to meet audit deadlines. Getting different departments to cooperate, trying to manage stacks of paper, and shaving off enough time – it’s never easy.  Thankfully, technology has successfully … Read more

Feature Showcase: Enterprise Toolkit

Feature Showcase - Enterprise Toolkit

What’s the best thing about Digital Transformation? For us – it’s the ability to switch from dislocated datasets to fully integrated systems! For this very reason, Eduardo, a Customer Success Associate at Appenate and part of our LATAM team, picked our ‘Enterprise Toolkit’ as his favourite Appenate feature. Working so … Read more