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Inspect with Confidence: The 7 Best Mobile Site Inspection Apps

Inspecting with confidence is a big deal. When site inspections come around, we’re often ill-prepared – racing against the clock. The ability to pull up a smartphone, log entries and flag issues on the fly can be a game-changer. Enter the magic of mobile Site Inspection apps.

This post covers seven hand-selected Mobile Site Inspection Apps to expedite your search. They’re equipped with all you need to reliably conduct, store and share your site inspection data. We also threw in some tips to help you pick a project-compatible solution from the start. 

Let’s explore. 

A Quick Guide To Help You Choose

The quest to find the perfect tool can be tough. Having a feature checklist on hand while browsing your options is a good start. Let’s take a brisk walk through the four weightiest points to consider. 

Is It Compatible With Your Data Infrastructure?

Hooking up incompatible systems is a drag and a fast track to siloed data. Here are some red and green flags to help you pick the path of least resistance. Please don’t take them as absolutes, as every scenario is unique. 

Green Flags🟢

  • Smooth Cross-Platform Functionality. Unless you want to add device costs to the list, make sure your inspection software supports iOS, Android (native apps are best!), Windows, and has a good web app too.
  • High-level Integration Capacity. The software should easily lock into your existing systems & sync data bi-directionally. It will help you sidestep duplicate entries, manual rework, and blotchy communication.
  • Cloud Access. The cloud will help you log data wherever you are, fortify disaster management and free up your IT resources.

Red Flags🔴

  • Lack of API Support. APIs provide standardised methods for systems to interact, acting as a software bridge. Without API support, you might eventually run into scaling and integration issues.
  • Poor Reviews. They might have all the necessary integrations, but customer reviews can help uncover issues. Be sure to bring them up in your consultation. 
  • Tricky Implementation. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it can severely stump efficiency. If the integration process isn’t straightforward, you’ll need quality support. 

To What Extent Can You Customise?

Don’t settle for rigid site inspection solutions if… 

 1) Your inspection needs slightly deviate from standardised frameworks, or  

 2) You’d like to expand the scope of your inspections eventually. 

In this section, we’ll focus on what true flexibility looks like. We’ll skip the ‘red flags’ for now – it depends on your unique operational requirements.

Some Common Features Of Truly Flexible Software:

  • Flexible Form Building. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add and arrange form fields, sections, and elements without the need to code. Conditional logic also helps to speed up the process by hiding or showing specific fields based on previous input. 
  • Brand Customisation. The ability to tweak the look and feel of your screens, forms, and reports will add a sense of professionalism. It’ll also remove the need for manual customisation afterwards.
  • Highly-configurable User Roles & Permissions. Curtail confusion and bolster data security by controlling who sees what.
  • API Access. The ability to interact with other applications will help your system evolve to meet your growing needs. 
  • Offline Capability. You’re bound to run into dead spots now and then. Capturing data in the field or remote locations shouldn’t be a hassle. 
  • Little-to-no Data Limits. Many apps impose storage restrictions that limit your ability to scale. To remove these limits, you often have to upgrade to pricier tiers. Ideally, your inspection software should support your expansion without unreasonable price escalations.

Will Your Data Be Safe?

Mobile App Data Security - Make Sure You Own Your Data

Your company data is a glittering trove for cybercriminals. Internal IT security measures are a no-brainer. Partnering with reliable software providers comes in a close second. A secure app will ensure the safety of your data and adhere to legislation. 

Back to the flags, here are some things to look out for. 

Green Flags🟢

  • Robust Data Security Protocols. It should employ strong encryption, secure authentication, and data anonymisation.
  • Role-Based Security. A no-brainer to ensure strict access control.
  • Data Ownership. The software providers should openly disclose that you own and control your data.  
  • Secure Cloud Storage. Ensure your provider is partnered with reputable cloud providers. 
  • Cyber Security Certification. SOC11 & ISO27001 (or any similar certifications) signal data security competency. 

Red Flags🔴

  • Questionable Handling Practices. If your provider doesn’t disclose how they handle your data – give them a skip.
  • Outdated Security Protocols. Regular updates and up-to-date protocols are non-negotiable. Cybercriminals exploit known vulnerabilities. If your provider has a history of prolonged exposure windows – reconsider.  

What Level Of Support Do You Need?

When disruption hits, you want a responsive and competent support team by your side. We have a fair bit to say about this, but we’ll keep it short for now. For one, be weary if your provider charges you for training or support. It’s often an indication of competing priorities, not to mention the potential budget strain that might follow. You never know how often you’ll need assistance, and you definitely shouldn’t worry about unwarranted costs.

Here are some other things to look out for…

  • Ticket Response Times. Check reviews or test it during your free trial. Keeping time differences in mind – a good response time is anything under one business day. 
  • At Least Two Support Channels. Your preferred channel should be part of the support package.
  • A Comprehensive Knowledge Base. Being able to troubleshoot your problems first-hand is a must. If the provider lacks a platform learning portal, you’ll have to log a ticket for every minor issue that crops up. This will inevitably lead to an increase in downtime. 
  • Good Reviews. If existing users repeatedly report support issues, it’s best to explore alternatives.

The 7 Titans Of Mobile Site Inspection

1. Appenate – The Most Flexible

With us, you get more than just a mobile app. You get to build your own unique apps. As many as you like! Appenate is a no-code app builder with a flexible edge that can help you digitise any paper process – not just site inspections. 

Imagine having all your business processes built into a single app! From safety to maintenance management. Jump in to finetune one of our many templates or create from scratch – it’s all up to you.

Why Appenate Is The Perfect Inspector:

  • Unparalleled integration capacity.
  • Reliable offline-capability.
  • Flexible attachment & media capture.
  • GPS & Map locations.
  • Barcode & QR scanning.
  • Nifty formula builder (for next-level customisation!)
  • NFC compatible.
  • Contactless signatures.
  • World-class customer support. 

“Appenate is software that changes with your business, not the other way around.”

Remote ISP
Three Appenate Inspection Form Screenshots.

2. ProCore – The Best For Overall Construction Management

If you’re in the Construction Industry, you’re probably well aware of this one. Procore packs the best of financial management, quality control and safety compliance into one. 

It’s a great tool for simplifying any construction project, from planning to closeout. It also has an app marketplace with over 150 partner solutions for easy integration.

Why Procore Is The Perfect Inspector:

  • Holistic project management.
  • Project Insights & Analytics.
  • Trend Analysis.
  • Customisable Inspection Forms.
  • 2D Drawing.
  • Financial Features.
  • CRM.
  • 3D imaging.

“It provides a single source of truth for all project data and creates consistency across projects.”

Corey Ida (Customer review, GetApp)

3. Device Magic – Great For Data Collection

Much like Appenate, Device Magic is a data collection tool. Its modus operandi is eliminating administrative burden. 

It’s also flexible, easy to use and provides all you need to streamline your site inspections. 

Why Device Magic Is The Perfect Inspector:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Flexible form creation.
  • Sound integration capabilities.
  • Flexible attachment & media capture options.
  • GPS & Map locations.
  • Barcode & QR scanning.
  • Conditional Logic. 

“Device Magic has streamlined our communication tremendously, which translates to saving time and money.”

Gary Ayers

If you want to see how Device Magic stacks up against Appenate, click here

4. VHive – The Best For Drone-Based Site Surveys 

This list would be incomplete if we skimped over digital twin software. VHive emerges as a standout inspection solution by leveraging AI and drone tech. 

With high-resolution aerial imaging, companies can retrieve nuanced insight. Effortlessly pick up on structural issues, track projects and assess risks… Without lifting a finger!

Why VHive Is The Perfect Inspector:

  • Drone-powered aerial imaging.
  • Unrivalled Inspection Speed. 
  • AI-driven analytics.
  • Digital twin creation.
  • Labour-free risk mitigation.
  • Remote monitoring.

“With vHive we received much more than the traditional ways of collecting data, we received a sophisticated, cost-effective product.”

Phoenix Tower International

5. Sheqsy – Ideal For Field-service Safety

This is another excellent tool created by Safety Culture. It’s a ‘lone worker’ tool, safeguarding field and remote workers across many industries. 

If you need to conduct site inspections and keep tabs on your field teams, Sheqsy can provide you with the oversight you need. 

Why Sheqsy Is The Perfect Inspector:

  • Industry-Specific Customisation.
  • Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Audit Trails.
  • Remote Worker Safety Screens.
  • Easy Task Assignment.

“Great product that provides reassurance that we are able to support our staff to work safely in the community.”

Verity A (GetApp Review)

6. Whip Around – The Best For Fleet and Vehicle Inspections

A complete fleet management software with a special knack for inspections. Whip Around was designed to help companies improve their equipment uptime. 

It also packs nifty fuel management features that help to drive down operating costs. 

Why Whip Around Is The Perfect Inspector:

  • Industry-specific customisation.
  • Customisable inspection forms.
  • Remote oversight.
  • Geolocation features.
  • Fuel management with mileage tracking.
  • Asset tracking.

“Whip Around saved my fleet, transforming our operations and unlocking efficiency like never before. An indispensable tool for success!

Andrew Hopkins

7. MaintainX – The Best For Maintenance

MaintainX is a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS.)  With customisable checklists and sound integration potential, it’s worth checking out. 

Why MaintainX Is The Perfect Inspector:

  • Customisable inspection forms.
  • Mobile-first.
  • Task Management.
  • Automated alerts.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Downtime tracking.
  • Historical trend analysis.

“It’s really easy to make and update new forms. Features are awesome and really effective!”

A.C (Safety Manager, Capterra Review)

How To Get Started

Business man overlooking a city. Digital Connection.

We always recommend you start with your pain points. What’s currently dragging down your inspections? Make a list and assign a severity score to each. You might find that inspection turnaround time is the most pressing issue. What operational upgrades can help you overcome this? Get specific. 

The solution you choose should address this problem, first and foremost. On top of that – it should logically hook into your existing Data strategy. 

A data strategy is a long-term plan that defines the technology, processes, people, and rules required to manage an organisation’s information assets (Amazon Web Services.) PhData released an excellent guide on building an actionable data strategy framework. If you feel your existing strategy needs a rework, it’s a decent place to start. Take a look

‘I Don’t Have Time For DIY’

Time is a finite resource. If your team is already pressed to tend to other aspects of your operations – consider outsourcing. 

Third-party inspectors might require more upfront costs, but they undoubtedly add a touch of professionalism and expertise to the process. If you’d like to take this route, look no further than Inspexion. 

Start Your Pilot Project Today (For Free!)

If you’re not deadset on any of these options just yet, give Appenate a shot. We can help you raise the bar on all fronts – inspections, inventory management, orders and purchases… There’s no limit to what you can do. 

Our free (no-strings-attached) trial will help you figure out if we’re compatible. Start building today, and we’ll support you on your journey. 

Lastly, thank you for staying with us until the end. If you found this post insightful, you might enjoy our take on Reliable Data Collection Apps

All the best with your search!🙂