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“We were extremely impressed with the flexibility in Appenate’s form development. It is far more advanced than their competitors.”

Project Manager
An Australian State Government Regulator

Customer Case Study: An Australian State Government Regulator

Appenate has helped this Australian State Regulator significantly reduce costs associated with time spent performing and enforcing gas and electrical inspections.

The Challenge

Our customer was assigned the task of finding a software solution that had the following capabilities:

  • Strong offline capability
  • Easy/rapid, flexible forms development
  • A strong integration with enterprise systems

The Evaluation Process

Their initial concerns about joining Appenate were two-fold:
1) The need for an Australian-hosted solution.
2) Appenate’s corporate viability and roadmap.

Both these concerns were addressed – Appenate has Australian, European and American hosting options, and our self-funded, profitable business was sustainable with a long-term product improvement pipeline.
This customer performed an in-depth analysis of a number of potential solutions and platforms, concluding:

“We were extremely impressed with the flexibility in the Appenate forms development, far more advanced than their competitors.”

They also found Appenate’s integration with internal systems very powerful and the attention to customer service, including the willingness to understand customer needs, first rate.

Appenate In The Work Place

The employees of this regulator using Appenate are departmental gas and electrical inspectors. Applications created on Appenate are used to inspect and investigate compliance in relation to standards and regulations.

Scheduled, as well as ad hoc inspections, are thoroughly recorded in the field and then uploaded to their existing enterprise compliance system. Through Appenate, job risk assessments can now be enforced before an inspection is performed.

How Appenate Has Helped

When asked how Appenate has benefitted their department, the project manager said: 

“Inspectors have obtained an average saving of 45 minutes for a basic inspection. For larger inspections or multiple inspections at one site, the savings are significantly more, up to days.”

He also mentioned that the increased enforcement of standardized procedures and results, when performing inspections, has yielded more consistent and quality records.

The Appenate Experience

When asked to sum up their experience with Appenate he replied: 

“Our inspectors have immediately embraced their field tool obtaining significant improvements.”

Time Savings: “45 mins per basic inspection – for larger inspections, up to days”

For anonymity purposes, this customer has requested to be referred to as an “Australian State Government Regulator”.

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