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“Easy-to-use, great functionality and affordable price tag”

Oliver D, Business Consulting Director
Heidelberg (Global Printing Technology)

Customer Case Study: Heidelberg USA, Inc.

Heidelberg has been using Appenate for the past two years to assist with their process standardization and infrastructure support services both in the UK and internationally.


Heidelberg has been a major provider and reliable partner to the global printing industry for many years and have offices throughout the world.

Oliver set out to find a mobile solution which could contribute towards process standardization and, through this, a reduction in time efforts with regard to report preparation.

He had quite a few business process application platforms to consider and try out, one of which was Appenate.

Evaluation And Assessment

While evaluating the many software options out in the market, Oliver found consistency to be a huge contributing factor in his overall decision on which one to adopt.

According to Oliver, what made Appenate stand out from the various competitors was our:

  • Ease-Of-Use
  • Functionality
  • Continuous Feature Development
  • Great Customer Service
  • Affordable Pricing Structure

When the time eventually came to sign on as a customer, Oliver had absolutely no concerns or reservations that Appenate was the best fit for his department’s specific requirements.

How Is Appenate Used In Your Company?

Heidelberg uses Appenate as an auditing tool within its consulting departments.

Employees use apps created on the Appenate platform to audit performance-related activities of their various printing presses.

How Appenate Has Helped

When asked in what ways Appenate has benefitted their organisation, Oliver replied that there’s been a great reduction in time preparing audits and audit reports as well as standardising their auditing process.

The Appenate Experience

Oliver had the following to say about his experience with Appenate:

“Great service, good feature improvements.”

“Great consistency in the overall product, user experience and customer service.”

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