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No one knows their software better than its employees, right?

The Appenate team is made up of individuals across multiple countries, each with their own disciplines and unique perception of value. Each month, we give someone from our team the opportunity to showcase their favorite Appenate feature and get to know them more on a personal level. Below, take a closer look at the features that have made Appenate what it is today.

Quick-sync Feature Showcase by Lisa (Appenate Avatar)

Quick Sync

Quick Sync is ultimately a time-saver. By crossing out the ‘back-and-forth’ element to testing, changes made to your apps can be readily seen with the click of a button.
Feature Showcase - Enterprise Toolkit

Enterprise Toolkit

Host multiple environments for different departments on a single Master’s account. These environments are highly configurable


Pre-built Data Source and Form Connectors enable data to be pushed to and from other systems. Assisting in the facilitation of analytics, reporting, & more being run in other software.

Location, Mapping & GPS

Using the Location Field to capture GPS coordinates in your Forms and/or Data Sources, you get access to a variety of helpful screens on both the mobile app & the backend Web Portal.

Table Fields

Table Fields, an Advanced Fields option in the Appenate Form Builder. Table Fields allow you to capture repeating data on the fly – like new line items for quotes, repair jobs, etc

Deep Linking (App Links)

Deep Linking allows for the sharing of dynamic form links which help reduce errors. Use dynamic links to share instantly and even pre-populate certain Form fields.

Custom PDF Generation

Saving time on administrative duties frees up capacity to focus on more important tasks. See our Data Output Templating functionality, which helps to auto-generate custom PDFs.

Feature showcase banner showing off our External API and REST Connector combo

API & REST Connector Combo

Using the REST Connector combined with our external API, the planner could create all three tasks without submitting multiple forms.
Ruan, showcasing our offline capable apps, sits on a beach - to signify a remote working location - with his computer on his lap.

Offline Capable Apps

Complete forms and capture information as needed – everything will be synced to the cloud the moment you have a decent signal again.

Formula Builder

The Formula Builder tool takes simple data collection forms to another level by unlocking the powerful potential to compute and manipulate user inputs rapidly.

Client Accounts

The ability to create separate organization profiles under your master account, for each of your clients, is unique to Appenate. Read more on this valuable tool.

Monthly Feature Showcase Blog Banner: The Animated Gerrie Stands By His Classic Mini Giving A Thumbs Up

Process Step

Our Process Step allows you to complete different job stages, with inputs from different people, all on the same Form. This helps you to achieve a streamlined and simple workflow.

Job & Task Dispatch

Provide an in-depth brief of individual steps & actions required. Add, assign & delete tasks for streamlined communication.
Cartoonization of Morne for our whitelabel feature showcase

Table White Label Apps

Apps under your own brand without having to take the risk of developing and maintaining your own product – Published to the stores under your company’s name.
Bradley, showing off our online signature capture, sit on his bike with his flat cap firmly in place.

Contactless Signature Capture

With contactless signatures, we give businesses one more way to punch back against COVID – and keep critical business functions rolling.

Form Screen

The Form Screen is the primary way that you can build data capture screens on the platform. This allows you to replace paper-based forms with digital versions.

Mobile Forms in Under 5 Minutes