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The Ultimate Appenate Review [Best Value Data Collection Software For 2024]

Appenate is a no-code Mobile Form Builder at its core. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, clients effortlessly create everything from simple checklists to intricate, multi-step approval workflows for comprehensive data collection.

Positioned as one of the most versatile industrial app builders around, it’s equipped to handle almost any data collection scenario, whether it’s an IoT-enabled warehouse or the bustling environment of an airport runway.

What sets Appenate apart, however, is a hands-on commitment to help you succeed. 

“Appenate’s support is the gold standard all other software suppliers should be attempting to achieve.

Mark Chimes (McClelland Concrete Pumping)

Device Compatibility:

  • Mobile devices (Android and iOS tablets and smartphones)
  • Desktop (Windows and Web)
  • Zebra Devices
  • External Barcode Scanners

Deployment Options:

  • Cloud-Based: Access apps anywhere, anytime.
  • On-Premises: Full control and security within your IT environment.
  • Hybrid: Combine cloud accessibility with on-premises security.

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Who Benefits From Using Appenate?

A. Data-Heavy Companies

Businesses swamped with paperwork find a reliable ally in Appenate. It digitizes and streamlines field-friendly data collection, turning cumbersome paper processes into efficient digital workflows. 

The result? Faster, error-free data management.

Check out how it works for;

B. Software Vendors Needing Mobile Capabilities

Software vendors looking to expand into the mobile realm find Appenate’s platform ideal. It offers an easy way to extend software capabilities to mobile devices, providing comprehensive APIs for a smooth transition.

C. Value Added Resellers Building Custom Data Collection Apps

Resellers aiming to develop and sell tailored mobile solutions benefit from Appenate’s flexibility. The platform allows them to focus on client-specific app development, facilitating complex integrations and meeting diverse client needs effectively.

D. White Label Partners: Launch Your Own Branded App

Appenate’s White-label Partnership Program is designed for those wanting to start a business with an app under their own brand. AaaS (App as a service) allows you to resell the Appenate platform while maintaining control over client interactions and billing with hands-on support always in the background.

E. Consultants Seeking Digital Data Collection Solutions

Consultants tasked with delivering digital solutions for their clients find Appenate’s platform a solid foundation. It supports the creation and implementation of unique digital strategies, simplifying the tech aspect so consultants can focus on delivering client-specific solutions.

Appenate’s Consulting Partner Program offers a suite of benefits: 

  •  A free lifetime Master Account to manage your clients’ apps.
  • 15% monthly revenue share for client loyalty.
  •  Free-forever 1-on-1 training and support.
  • Enhanced exposure through Appenate.
  • Access to ready-made industry app templates. 

On top of that, they handle the entire administrative process including any technical issues, billing, and training.

Deep Dive: A Feature-by-Feature Exploration

1. Diverse Field Options

Problem: Struggling with one-size-fits-all data entry?

Solution: Appenate offers customizable fields – text, dropdowns, checkboxes – tailored to your specific data needs. Perfect for businesses needing versatile data collection.

2. Multimedia Capture & Annotation

Problem: Need to document field issues effectively?

Solution: Capture and attach photos, videos and voice notes… Or simply upload any document directly in the app. With image annotation, field teams can easily mark up images, ideal for detailed inspections and issue documentation.

3. Formula Builder

Problem: Complex data calculations slowing you down?

Solution: Appenate’s Formula Builder handles custom calculations effortlessly. It’s a boon for tasks needing quick data analysis or automated data manipulation.

4. GPS Functionality

Problem: Managing a mobile workforce without location insights?

Solution: GPS integration for real-time tracking and geotagging. Track field activities, verify locations, and gather location-specific data efficiently.

5. Contactless Signatures

Problem: Seeking safer, remote verification methods?

Solution: Appenate’s contactless signatures enable digital approvals, essential for remote operations and maintaining health safety standards.

6. NFC Technology

Problem: Need faster, secure field data exchange?

Solution: NFC for quick, secure data transfers with a simple device tap. Ideal for authentication, asset tracking, and efficient field operations.

7. RFID Integration (Zebra)

Problem: Inefficient inventory and asset tracking?

Solution: Appenate’s Zebra RFID integration offers precise asset management. It’s especially useful for streamlining inventory and supply chain operations.

8. Barcode & QR Scanning

Problem: Time-consuming data entry and retrieval?

Solution: Barcode and QR scanning for fast, accurate data capture. Simplify inventory management, ticketing systems, and more.

9. OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Problem: Slowed down by manual data entry from printed or handwritten sources?

Solution: Use OCR in Appenate for quick text extraction from images, speeding up data capture and reducing errors.

10. Custom Form Output

Problem: Need professional, branded reports?

Solution: Create custom output forms, like reports or invoices, directly from app data. Ensure consistency and professionalism in your business documentation via sleek, instant branded reports.

11. Offline Capability

Problem: Working in areas with poor internet connectivity?

Solution: Appenate’s offline functionality lets users work uninterrupted. Data syncs once a connection is re-established, ensuring seamless field operations.

“Appenate has excellent offline capabilities that enable rapid custom application development.”

Yasemin , Digital Marketing Executive (Capterra Review)

12. Form Converter

Problem: Fed up with the time suck of making static forms mobile-ready?

Solution: Our Form Converter transforms your PDFs, Excel, and Word docs into slick, responsive mobile forms in a snap. Customize as you like and save heaps of time!

13. Webforms

Problem: Needing ad hoc users to complete forms without installing a specific app?

Solution: Our WebForms add-on lets you create functional Appenate apps that users can complete through a web browser – eliminating the need for app installation (and avoiding once-off license fees!)

Appenate’s Integrations

“I love the fact that our platform allows our clients to grow out of their original architecture, but they don’t have to give up the work that they have put into their product. They can just augment it in a super simple and user-friendly way, with the help of our Connectors. Automation is the key to efficiency in the future of businesses based on and around tech.”

– Joe (Appenate dev) from our Connectors Feature Showcase.

Here’s a snapshot of our main integrations:

Google BigQueryAnalyze large data sets in real-time for data-driven decision-making.
EgnyteSecurely store and share enterprise files, enhancing collaboration.
SnowflakeLeverage cloud data warehousing for scalable, efficient data storage and analysis.
REST APIIntegrate with various web services for flexible connectivity and data exchange.
Email IntegrationAutomate email sending for reports, notifications, and alerts.
NetSuiteSync with ERP systems for streamlined business process management.
GeoOpEnhance job management and scheduling for field service businesses.
SalesforceIntegrate with CRM for improved customer data management and insights.
Azure Blob StorageStore large amounts of unstructured data in Microsoft’s cloud.
FTP ServerTransfer files securely between Appenate and FTP servers.
OneDrive For BusinessAccess and manage files stored on OneDrive directly within apps.
SharePoint DocumentIntegrate with SharePoint for document management and collaboration.
SharePoint ListConnect to SharePoint lists for data synchronization and management.
SQL ServerSync with SQL databases for robust data storage and retrieval.
PowerBIIntegrate with business analytics tools for enhanced data visualization and insights.
Google DriveEasily access and manage files stored on Google Drive.
TwilioIncorporate SMS and voice communications for effective customer engagement.
DropboxConnect with Dropbox for cloud-based file storage and sharing.
Google SheetsSync data with Google Sheets for real-time spreadsheet collaboration.
BoxSecure cloud content management and file sharing for streamlined workflows.
Amazon S3Store and retrieve any amount of data with Amazon’s cloud storage service.

They Develop Alongside Your Needs

The Appenate platform is constantly evolving, adapting to better meet your needs. Their team actively encourages their clients to share their data collection requirements. 

When they notice a trend or a common need among their users, they prioritize enhancing features, integrations, and overall platform capabilities to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

“Appenate is software that changes with your business, not the other way around.”

Braedon S, IT Manager at Rassaun Services

Pricing & ROI

Appenate offers two straightforward pricing plans.

The Standard Plan is priced at $9.90 per user per month when paid annually (or $11.90 monthly) and includes features like creating data-driven apps, standard connectors, and 1,500 form submissions. 

The Premium Plan steps it up at $14.90 per user per month annually (or $17.90 monthly), adding enterprise features, unlimited form submissions, and document management. 

Both plans require a minimum of 5 users and offer discounts for more than 25 users, with pricing available in USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, and CAD. 

Additionally, they provide optional add-ons like Enterprise Toolkit, Appenate Sync, App as a Service Website as a Service, and Appenate Server for enhanced customization and control.

Is It Worth The Cost? 

Opting for Appenate could be a practical move. It cuts down on development costs with its no-code approach, making app creation quicker and less expensive. This efficiency extends to your operations too, automating tasks to save time and reduce errors while collecting data. 

“Easy-to-use, great functionality and affordable price tag.”

Oliver D, Director at Heidelberg 

It’s not just about internal benefits; your customers might notice smoother interactions, potentially boosting your revenue. Plus, your team can adapt faster to changes with flexible app customization – speeding up the data collection process.

On top of that, Appenate takes the data security of their customers very seriously and relies on various measures to ensure it, such as:

  • Using LetsEncrypt to generate SSL certificates for all white-labeled websites.
  • Storing all the data on secure cloud servers compliant with industry standards and regulations.
  • Performing regular backups and audits to prevent data loss or corruption.
  • Letting you control who has access. You can set up user roles, permissions, passwords, and data retention policies.

Learn more on our dedicated compliance page.

“Appenate allowed us to help our clients in various different scenarios in all sectors of their business which – in turn – helped us to expand our business across the continent.”

Partner R

Appenate vs. The Rest

“We were extremely impressed with the flexibility in Appenate’s form development. It is far more advanced than their competitors.”

Project Manager (An Australian State Government Regulator)

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Why Appenate Wins Every Time? 

Beyond offering top-tier customization and impressive features like offline capabilities and integrations with giants like Google BigQuery and Salesforce, Appenate excels in three crucial areas: exceptional customer support, next-level customizability, and unmatched affordability.

Our team is responsive and dedicated to your success – always ready to assist and ensure you get the most out of the platform.

Your success is our success, and that’s not just a saying; it’s our guiding principle.

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